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Partner With Us Frequently Asked Questions –


    Be part of something special.
    We handpick and unite businesses all under one roof.  We look for businesses within our niche who run well.
    Your shopfront on HonourThem.
    Each supplier company will have its own page within the HonourThem website.  On this page, you will have a chosen cover image, your logo, your business name, link to your website, a gallery of your products and featured products. It is here that our audience will come to read about you and browse your range of products.
    Include excellent images. High-quality photos give a great impression.
    Write clear product titles and keywords people search for.
    Write engaging product descriptions.
    How do we link our business to HonourThem?
    Your technical team will place a software App on your website.  This App will allow the HonourThem visitor to be tracked through to your checkout.
    For instance, if your website is:
    WordPress – we recommend an App called – Affiliate Manager
    Shopify – we recommend an App called – GoAffPro
    BigCommerce – we recommend an App called – GoAffpro
    Within your website, this App has a secure dashboard which allows you and HonourThem full visibility of all purchases referred to the supplier by HonourThem.  HonourThem has no other access to other parts of the supplier companies’ website administration.
    In essence, all supplier companies need to have a website with a checkout facility. 
    Is there anything else I need to know?
    It’s free to work with HonourThem and start selling, with a small commission to HonourThem on each sale.
    At this current time, only available to New Zealand-based businesses.
    We sign an Agreement that outlines the E-Commerce method for sending orders, commission percentages, search bidding, service standard and Intellectual property.
    What happens next?
    All you need to do now is fill in an application form, and we will review as soon as possible. 
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    To frame up the question “What is affiliate marketing”, here are the roles – 
    Company 1: HonourThem is the Affiliate
    Company 2: Supplier company of products and services to HonourThem
    WordPress Platform: HonourThem New Zealand Limited – “End-of-life affairs & marketplace to remember a beautiful life”.
    Affiliate Marketing Principal: HonourThem receives an agreed upon percentage of the “check-out” purchase price for referring their visitor to another company.  HonourThem is recommending to their audience products and services that are from other companies.
    HonourThem has built an entire audience around a specific time in someone’s life and we believe we have become rather good around that end-of-life niche market. When a person has passed away within New Zealand, their death notice is placed on HonourThem. Friends and family come to HonourThem to view the death notice, send their condolences, seek advice and browse our marketplace.
    In summary, how does affiliate marketing work?
    HonourThem places a supplier company on the HonourThem website. 
    HonourThem people click and are taken directly from the HonourThem website to a supplier’s website and purchases via this supplier’s checkout.
    The conversions are tracked.
    HonourThem receives a commission and the Supplier Company gets a sale.
    What are the benefits of partnering with HonourThem?
    It is an efficient form of ‘advertising’ because the supplier company is not paying for the ad and only giving HonourThem a percentage when a sale has been made.
    The HonourThem marketplace is already full of a potential audience.
    What are the benefits for HonourThem?
    We are supplying our audience a central shopping place for sympathy products and services.
    We are not capable of building products or offering services but what we are good at is helping our audience and recommending other company’s products.
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Partner with Us Frequently Asked Questions. We welcome any updates of information to us on
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