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Remember a beautiful life

Select from our sympathy products

Send Flowers

Send sympathy and funeral flowers to a bereaving family. They will know that you are thinking of them at this time.

Send Flowers

Send Fresh Meals

Send a care package of delicious family or individual meals.

Gift Delivery

Send a specialist gift box with items which include pamper items or useful everyday pantry items to help when people arrive.

For the Funeral

A Funeral Director

Send my contact details to a professional local funeral director within New Zealand.

A Celebrant

Recommended Auckland funeral celebrant, Anne Abernethy.

A Caterer

Recommended Auckland funeral caterer.

After the Funeral, the unvailing

Organise a Headstone

Send my contact details to a local monumental mason within New Zealand. I need to arrange a headstone for my Loved One.

For yourself? Do you know what headstone you want? Purchasing it in advance can make it easier on your family after you’re gone.

Decide on a Cemetery

Burial involves buying a burial plot and paying an interment fee, which covers the cost of preparation and maintaining the grounds.

HonourThem has a searchable list of cemeteries in New Zealand to assist you with finding a cemetery for your Loved One.

After Care

Headstone Cleaning

headstone Cleaning ensures your Loved One headstone is looking its best for visitors

Headstone Flowers

Arrange for beautiful flowers to be laid at the headstone of your Loved One

Questions about purchasing sympathy gifts?

What are the best sympathy gifts to send?
The best condolence gift is one that the recipient will enjoy, find useful or will make them feel remembered. Regardless of what you choose to send, just showing that you care can go a long way.

What is generally included in a sympathy gift box?
Every sympathy gift box is different, although you’ll find that many include food items and/or self-pampering gifts. When choosing a gift box, consider what your friend or family member might find most useful at the moment.

Should I send flowers to the funeral or home?
If you’d like to send flowers, the best option is usually to send it to the recipient at home. This will reduce the amount of work on their end. On the other hand, if you are attending the funeral, taking the flowers with you and placing them at the front by the casket will also be appreciated.

Am I obligated to send a sympathy gift?
Sympathy gifts are never necessary, but are a nice gesture to show you care. Every situation is unique, so trust your instincts.


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