How to locate your families within cemeteries

Like many people I wanted to locate my family within a cemetery. I was on a journey to uncover my family tree and the first place I went was the Brunswick Cemetery in Wanganui. Not many people spend time in cemeteries, and I didn’t really know where to start.

It was easy for me to locate my mother and I placed flowers on her headstone. After that, I walked around and simply did not recognise any headstones with my family name on them. Now days you can pre-plan your funerals and purchase areas for your family but in days past people were laid to rest in a different order.

I enjoyed the sunshine and the tranquility of the cemetery and the park like surroundings, but I want to go back and find the final resting place of other relatives.

How to locate your families within cemeteries?

Most councils have cemetery search within their websites. Here is the link to the HonourThem cemetery search features within their websites. Here you can place the name in the search bar and find the plot location details only. Next time you visit the cemetery you will be able to head straight to the headstone.

Their name Liveth for Evermore”

How To Locate Your Families Within Cemeteries
Brunswick Cemetery, Wanganui.
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