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Obituaries FAQs

Obituaries: Frequently Asked Questions I SEE MY LOVED ONE’S OBITUARY NOTICE ON HONOURTHEM BUT WITH ONLY A FEW DETAILS. CAN I ADD CONTENT AND A PHOTO TO THIS? Public information is gathered and made available within the Obituaries section of HonourThem.The public information we draw is the basic facts (names, cities, dates)- Name of a…

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Market Place FAQs

Market Place FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions -. WHAT ARE THE DELIVERY DETAILS FOR FLOWERS? New Zealand orders are guaranteed same day delivery if Petals receives the order on weekdays before 12.00 pm (noon)  and 8.am on Saturdays. While Petals will try their best to deliver at specific delivery times, they cannot guarantee this due to…

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Memorial Pages FAQs

Memorial Pages FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions – WHAT ARE THE FEATURES OF A MEMORIAL PAGE? The Memorial Page features are:STORY WALL –  ‘Share a memory’ with comments, photos, video, music, audio. TIMELINE –  Collaborate with Friends and fill in the details of your Loved One’s life.ABOUT – Section with all information about your Loved One.GALLERY…

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General FAQs

General Frequently Asked Questions – HOW DO I SIGN UP FOR A HONOURTHEM ACCOUNT? To sign up for a HonourThem account:You can click here to register to HonourThem.comType your name and email address (your email address is the username for your  HonourThem account).Type a unique password.Click the box to agree to the HonourThem terms.Click ‘Login’. HOW WILL HONOURTHEM KEEP MY PHOTOS…

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Funeral Homes Directory FAQs

Funeral Homes Directory FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions – AS A FUNERAL HOME, WE WISH TO CREATE A MEMORIAL PAGE. WHO’S EMAIL ADDRESS SHOULD WE PROVIDE? If you wish to create a Memorial Page for a client family, please consider who is the best person to list as the Memorial Page Owner. Generally our experience is…

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Cemetery Directory FAQs

Cemetery Directory FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions – WHAT IS A CEMETERY DIRECTORY? Here you’ll be able to search for a cemetery and ideally see a photo.Our Cemetery Directory includes the formal name of the cemetery, including any local name for the cemetery, along with the street address, suburb, region/county/province/state, post-code and Country. ADD A…

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Charities Directory FAQs

Charities Directory FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions- WHAT IS A CHARITIES DIRECTORY? Our Charities Directory is a list of charities that you can link and donate to. WE ARE A CHARITY IN NEW ZEALAND, WHAT CAN WE DO TO BE INCLUDED IN YOUR CHARITIES DIRECTORY? The Charities Directory is a list of all registered charities…

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Partner with Us FAQs

Partner With Us Frequently Asked Questions – I AM A SUPPLIER AND I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW MORE ABOUT PARTNERING WITH HONOURTHEM. Be part of something special.We handpick and unite businesses all under one roof.  We look for businesses within our niche who run well. Your shopfront on HonourThem.Each supplier company will have its own page…

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