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Remembering your loved ones

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Can I book a phone call for HonourThem to call me?

Please complete the Contact Us form and we will organise a time to call you as soon as possible.  Please supply your international dialing code and phone number.  Our support office is based in Auckland and we work in the New Zealand time zone.  

What does HonourThem do?

HonourThem is an an online memorial website and Marketplace, remembering those who have passed on.

  • Memorial Information Services
    Obituaries / Death Notice / Funeral Notices
    Online Memorial Pages
  • Memorial Marketplace
    Sympathy Products
    Funeral Arrangements
    Funeral Products
    After the funeral
    Headstone After Care
  • Memorial Information Directories
    Funeral Homes Directory
    Cemetery Directory
    Charities Directory

How will HonourThem keep my photos and data secure?

  • Your data is secure on the HonourThem site and will be available for generations to come.
    All of your data is securely stored and backed up on Amazon Web Services.
    It is important for people to have local copies of all media on a removable disk.

What languages can I use within the HonourThem website?

  • At this current time, English and Māori language only please within the HonourThem website.

What is subject to copyright/trademark that I cannot upload to HonourThem?

  • HonourThem works with people and organisations to protect their intellectual property rights. Therefore, you can only post content you can legally distribute online.
    A trademark protects a work, slogan, symbol or design that distinguishes the product/service from others. For example, a logo or a brand name.
  • Whereas, copyright automatically applies (no registration required) to original words in the following categories: Musical words, sound records, broadcasts, films
  • If in doubt as to copyright, only post links to music and videos elsewhere on the internet. For example: You can link through to or

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