Funeral Range

Questions about purchasing products and services for a funeral?

Am I required to place a death notice / Obituary notice in the newspaper?
No, you do not need to place a death notice in the paper.  However, the announcement of a loved one’s passing is generally via a newspaper or online.

What range of funeral products and services would the funeral home offer?
In short, your funeral director can do everything for you if you wish.  If you have any variables, then you can review products and services that HonourThem offer.

Should I send flowers to the funeral or home?
If you’d like to send flowers, the best option is usually to send it to the recipient at home. This will reduce the amount of work on their end. On the other hand, if you are attending the funeral, taking the flowers with you and placing them at the front by the casket will also be appreciated.  HonourThem work with the Petals Network and they deliver flowers nationwide to all churches, funeral homes and residential addresses.