Cemetery & Headstone Range

Questions about purchasing cemetery and headstone services and products?

How do I choose a cemetery for my loved one?

Consider if you have a family cemetery, what is the location and proximity to family, are religious and cultural sections available, facilities, what types of monuments they permit, what are the burial plot costs and mostly do you think you loved one would like this cemetery to be their resting place?

I have selected the cemetery and who can help me decide on a plot for my loved one?
If the cemetery is large enough it will have a cemetery office you can go and discuss details with. Public cemeteries are run by the local council and  they can talk through the details with you (the larger public cemeteries have offices). Cemetery administrators are familiar with the Monumental Masons who operate within the cemetery.  Some cemeteries offer packages which include the plot, legal paperwork and the headstone design, manufacturing and installation.

I have selected the cemetery and where do I start to purchase a headstone?
HonourThem can recommend a Monumental Mason to help you with purchasing a headstone. Headstones are very heavy and difficult to transport or lift without proper equipment. Therefore, the best way forward is selecting a Monumental Mason who can access your cemetery and install a headstone on your behalf.

I live away from my loved one’s cemetery, how do I keep the headstone clean and maintained?
Scheduled headstone cleaning ensures that headstones are cared for with respect and looking their best for visitors. We work together with Grave Angels who service cemeteries within Auckland, New Zealand.

What memorial gifts can I place on my Loved One’s headstone?
All headstone gifts need to be secure or weighted.  They also need to fit on the headstone base. Ideas include a vase, solar lights, silk flowers and mini statues.