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It is a very difficult time for those close to a loved one. Advice is often required as it is also a time when many decisions need to be made, often very soon. There are options to consider, people to think about and laws to take into account—all while you’re experiencing grief.

What to do: A Checklist

If you are responsible for handling funeral arrangements, here is a checklist of things that need to be taken care of after someone passes away.

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How to: Arrange a Funeral Service

Check the will and see if there are any express wishes from your Loved One before you start. If no wishes are stated, a professional funeral director can assist you with all the arrangements. A funeral director can guide you and you can do as much or as little as you wish.

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Selecting a Funeral Director

Choosing a funeral director is an important job. This is your Loved One’s funeral, so it should be precisely how they would have wanted it to be.

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Pre-planning or planning your funeral in advance can be as straight forward as having a discussion with your immediate family. Doing preparation in advance of your passing makes sense and makes a significant difference to those you leave behind.

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Government Departments and Legal Documents

When a loved one passes it’s important to let the right people know as soon as you can. The government departments and authorities you’ll need to contact will depend on how the person died, as each situation will be handled differently. PUBLIC TRUST someone passes away and a will hasn’t been left, it’s called dying ‘intestate’ or intestacy. In this situation, the…

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How to Write an Obituary
Advice is often required as it is also a time when many decisions need to be made.

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