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Send a sympathy gift via HonourThem to say you are thinking of them in their time of need.

Remember Them. Honour Them.


Remember Them. Honour Them.

Publish death notices and funeral service details to a New Zealand newspaper AND same-day notification on the HonourThem site.

Optional photo of your loved one.

Optional donation link to a chosen charity.

Receive condolence messages.

HonourThem create a Memorial Page at the same time.

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Search death notices, online obituaries.

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Create, share and preserve special online memories, photos and videos with friends and family.

Invite others to join and share their memories.

Simple to use.

Photo & videos cloud storage of 1GB.

Secure data storage.

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Announce the passing of your loved one. Provide details of family, along with information about their upcoming funeral service.

Always FREE Memorial Page

Photo & videos cloud storage of 1GB. Up to 55 minutes of family video and 550 photos.

A Trusted Guardian of your Memories

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Secure Data Storage

We use Amazon Web Services for all processes

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Full Privacy Options

You choose public or private online Memorial Pages

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Simple Navigation

Easy to use with the latest technology

Share with family and friends

Share with family and friends and invite them to contribute

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HonourThem Advice

Check the will and see if there are any express wishes from your Loved One before you start. If no wishes are stated, a professional funeral director can assist you with all the arrangements. A funeral director can guide you and you can do as much or as little as you wish.

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Remember Them. Honour Them.

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